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Our cigar line:

We are proud to present the finest selection of hand made premium cigars. This line of cigars is for a person that not only likes the finer things in life, but wants to enjoy a fantastic and satisfying smoking experience.

All our blends were developed with collaboration of the Plasencia quality and development team under the guidance of world renown Cuban Master Cigar blender Evelio Oviedo(+), and continued by Aghmed Fernandez, Ricardo Sandoval, Evelina Rivera and Dr Duarte itself.


Our cigars are long fillers meticulously hand made under the watchful eyes of the Master Cuban and Nicaraguan Tabaqueros, which are amongst the best in the world. All our cigars are made using the traditional Cuban technique which allows sufficient space in the cigar for air to circulate, thus allowing the cigar to have an excellent draw and burn evenly and well. Each cigar is inspected visually for physical integrity and to insure that the size and weight are to exact standards. They are smoked and individually tested with special sophisticated equipment to assure consistent draw. Careful sorting and packaging under the strict supervision of a dedicated quality team team assures that each cigar delivers that old Cuban taste.


Our cigar line comes from the best black Tobacco Cuban seeds brought to Nicaragua by Cuban families involved in the cigar trade for generations and in Nicaragua for more than 50 years. They are constantly improved, to give that unique Cuban flavor that distinguishes the Nicaraguan cigar and makes it one of the most sought after cigars in the world.


Medium to Medium-full.


All our cigars are hand made of the finest long filler tobaccos leaves that have been selected and cultivated in the best zones of Nicaragua.

The Don Duarte Habano Reserva is made with the best tobacco leaves from Nicaragua, aged for three years before reaching the torcedores hands. It is an excellent constructed cigar line, resulting in perfect burning, firm ash and complex aromas. Bitter chocolate, subtle sweetness of fruit and earthy basic tones are the components of this finely spicy, harmonious Nicaraguan Habano line, with unrivaled richness of flavor that makes this product into something very special. This wonderful blend delivers a medium-to medium full bodied smoking experience. It comes with a beautiful and impressive sun grown Habano Rosado oscuro wrapper, also known as Colorado (Dark Rose –Colored).

The Don Duarte Habano Clasico line was developed by world renowned and legendary master roller from Cuba, Evelio Oviedo with Dr. Roger Duarte.

Made with selected Nicaraguan wrapper, filler and binder of the best quality, aged for 2 years.

Whole palettes of delicately spicy woody essences characterize the aroma; Added to this are piquant, earthy roasted aromas with a touch of chili pepper. Delicate sweet aftertastes are a special characteristic of this line. A very pleasant, mild-medium to medium-full strength line of cigars.

Presently we carry two types of wrapper for the Don Duarte Clasico and Don Duarte Big Boys Clasico:

  Sun grown Habano Rosado (Rose): aka Intermedio (medium-full strength)

  Shade grown Habano Rosado Claro (Light Rose): aka Golden (mild-medium strength)


We make sure that your acquired taste is satisfied by consistently providing you the same taste again and again, as the blend will be maintained under the watchful eye of our Master Cuban Blender and will not be compromised.


Our cigars are presented in elegantly crafted deep dark brown wooden boxes and the old Cuban tradition of cellophane Bundles as replacement only.

  Don Duarte Clasico: Crafted wooden boxes and bundles of 25 cigars.

  Don Duarte Clasico Big Boys: Crafted wooden boxes and bundles of 18 cigars.

  Don Duarte Reserva: Crafted wooden boxes and bundles of 24 cigars .

Each presentation carries:

  Brand Logo of Don Duarte.

  Cigar ring of Don Duarte.

  In some cases a second ring.

  Name of the vitola i.e.Robusto.

  Made in Nicaragua.

  Nicaraguan Government label seal.


We are firm believers in the balance between cost and value, and feel that our cigar line offers our clients the best cost value relationship in the market today. The best customer is a happy and satisfied customer.